Getting to find out what the best flooring option is for your home depends upon several variables. We offer an array of different flooring options to choose from, appropriate for a wide range of different lifestyles and budget needs. If you’re not sure what flooring type is best for your home, we advise to browse through our portfolio for further examples.


Hardwood flooring installation takes time, technique, and knowledge to ensure that it is done right. Depending on the specifications involved, hardwood flooring may take up to a week to be installed however the finished look is unquestionably one of luxury, value, and modern contemporary.


Laminate flooring is a fast installation, can be installed on any style of home, and adds a sense of depth that isn’t necessarily found with other options. Those seeking a more rustic, vintage look are well advised to consider laminate as a flooring option.


Carpet is an excellent choice for those seeking a more inexpensive, traditional option for their flooring. Carpet also assists with some soundproofing and takes care of most of the sounds of footsteps that might be a preference for some.


Engineered and cork marks an excellent choice for many seeking a sleek look for their flooring. Engineered and cork is appropriate for an area such as a bathroom where this type of look fits most appropriately.



Vinyl is another high quality material, popular particularly among those with larger budgets as these require a professional installer. Consult with one of our design specialists to see if vinyl is a suitable choice for your property.


If you’re looking for hardwood flooring maintenance, we have also assisted with dozens upon dozens of maintenance based projects. Via a touch-up, you can effectively repair and re-design to some extent a floor that will appear as good as new once the process is finished. .