We have custom doors for numerous different purposes including for exterior, interior, garage, French, patio doors, screen doors, and closets. Your doors can be built using any number of high quality building materials and assembling them in-house allows us to custom size them for your use. You don’t necessarily have to rebuild the doorway to fit a door in, with this method..

Whether you need a door to fit into an existing space, to divide a room, or potentially to close off a part of a room in order to create a closet, we have several affordable but high-end solutions to offer. Additionally, if you’re looking to replace a door, we can work with you to customize your new door to exactly how you want it. With a variety of colours, sizes, styles, and glass options to choose from, you can work it how you want and help to add new appeal.

Just some of the options we offer include the choice of a steel or fiberglass entry door, a clear and mini-blind glass, water-based and environmentally friendly paint and stain colors, and several hardware options such as decorative levers and deadbolts, multi-point hardware for added security, and a mail slot. Custom designed according to your needs and specifications, reach out to us if you are in process of a renovation and need an entry door, storm door, patio door, or a door of another type. As a company that has been in business for over 25 years, we have seen it all working on thousands of projects and customizing doors according to the needs of the property.